I Need Some Acoustics Advice For My Attic Recording Studio

I have a recording studio in my home, up in a building that is disconnected from my house (basically like an attic). The room is fairly long, it has a pretty good width to it, the ceiling height isn't very tall, and the shape of the room is that classic A-frame shape. As far as the sound treatment goes, I have some panels up on the walls and soon I plan on placing some bass traps and cloud panels for the ceiling. My dilemma right now is, my desk is in an awkward position right now and I've been trying to decide if I should turn the desk and place it differently in the shape of my room. I've attached a picture of where the desk sits right now, and another picture to indicate where I've thought of moving it to. I don't know want to overthink it because I know that my room can't ever sound like an industry standard recording studio space anyway, but I do want to get the most optimal arrangement for listening and recording in the space that I have. What's a good idea here?

(Please excuse the picture of the back room, it's a bit messy right now from some organizing and maintenance I'm doing, but in front of that wall with the window is where I've thought of moving my current desk setup to, and I would put more panels up in that room as well)


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A nice looking setup.
I say leave the desk where it is. You can walk past it.
Thanks! Do you think if I put up a couple more panels (one on each side of the other two panels behind the desk) and line the back of the lower wall behind the desk as well as the corners with bass traps I have a chance at having a good mixing environment with my speakers? That’s been my main concern is I want to mix with speakers as well as I can with what I have, otherwise I’ve been told to use headphones for mixing. I like headphones but not for everything.
My room was very long but thin and one day I moved everything, putting the seat in the middle, and facing down the length - with space behind the monitors and space behind me and it sounds so much better and is also nicer to work in. I would take your monitors, extend the cables and try them all over the place and see what it sounds like. I wish I'd done it sooner.