I need a new desk!!


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Hi there,

My current desk is just a cheap one from ikea, and it has lasted me a long time but now its starting to get very wobbly and unstable, and with the amount of expensive gear on it, i dont want it to all come crashing down when it innevitably collapses.

So does anybody recomend a good desk, Size wise i could use just about anything, i have alot of room but ideally i would like something on multiple levels so i can put my screen and monitors up on to then have alot more room for other gear.



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Hey, I'm a newbie around here but I've seen this guy's stuff and it looks pretty good for what you are wanting I think.

His plans for this desk are $5.99 and the desk according to him can be built for around $50

I can't post the link as I don't have 10 posts yet but he's the homestudioguy and maybe someone else will post the link for you.


build your own ?

low cost pdf`s from this guy,worth a look even if its only for ideas :)

Home Page

edit:- see thread ,read thread, remember reading about this guy on another forum,search other forum for "desk" .. go through 8 billion hits,find guys site post here .... see ^^^ guys post above,edit mine ... time wasted = sh*tloads :(