I messed up an iLok download/installation/activation.

The software has Windows & Mac versions, the MAC was the default, and I missed that. I now have a Mac VST on a Win 7 computer. You can imagine how useful that is. Can someone please advise how I can get rid of that license installation in iLOK Manager and get the Windows license going? Thank you. :o


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Have you replaced the Mac vst with the windows version on your hard drive? I have never had this issue, but if I had I would check the I-lok web site FAQ as it is very helpful in situations like this
What is the software?
Usually the license is universal and the software is not so, most likely, you just need to install the windows version of your VST then it should work.
Ok. I don't have a standalone boom license as it's part of my ProTools bundle but none of my Avid licenses has any mention of operating system.
I'm fairly certain the license is universal so just download the correct Boom software version for Windows 7.