I have an Akai XR20 Beat Machine

Bugz McNair

New member
Okay, first: How I came into this thing. A friend of mine had just gotten into Hip-Hop production and bought this new for $300. As soon as he received it, he found out he couldn't sample to it, and pretty much abandoned it. Well recently he owed me $225, so he gave this to me as payment. My original intention was to sell it off for the cash(Just for the $225), but I've grown impatient with that plan(not to mention almost fell victim to a scammer; see: Craigslist).

I'm going to be taking pictures of it soon. It's still in brand new condition. I have the box it came in, manuals, and it even has the film on the LCD screen.

Now, for my proposition. If anyone is interested it buying it, that's cool with me, but depending on shipping costs, you might be able to find it for cheaper, or for just as much new, and I'm really not trying to get over on anyone. However, I'm also not trying to short myself either.

So, I had the idea to offer up a trade. What I'm really in need of is some studio monitors. Now I know that with this trade, I'm not going to be getting anything amazing. But anything is better than the computer speakers I'm using now. I'm also willing to hear out any other offers anyone would like to trade me for instead of monitors. I just may be able to find use for it. Thank you :-)