I have a request for S8-N


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Hey S8-N,
I have read some of your more humorous messages and I have taken a listen to your Mp3's. Now I would like to see your studio:
I want to see the flames licking up at the sides of your mixer! I want to see how you ran that mic cable across the river Styx, through purgatory, and into your closet to mic your amp down the hall. I want to see Beelzebub sittin' in as your drummer!

I've decided to turn to the dark side as well, because I've been praying for a decent recording for a long time, and damn it all, I just keep channeling Pre-Pubescent Thrash Folk music!

Seriously, S8-N, I appreciate your humor, and I do kinda dig your music. Keep up the good work!

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For some strange reason I found that Beelzebub line so hysterically funny that I almost fell off my chair!!!

Being the metal king that you are S8-N, where does a young, impressionable person find these mind warping, evil mp3's of yours?

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I think that a young, impressionable person would most likely interested in music such as Creed, Offspring, Bush, or any number of cookie-cutter formula top 40 bands...
If you are looking for something truly EVIL... I suggest the American top 40... I could never hope to outdo Casey Cassum(I dont know how to spell his goddamned name) in damaging the musical tastes of generation upon generation...
If you want to hear pure, undilluted evil... turn on the radio... it doesn't matter what channel... they are all the same...
I can only hope to aspire to the depths of dark capitolism to which the FM format has sunk...
To hear my music...which I unconditionally assure you will never be on the radio... go to: www.mp3.com/Mofocult
You are not well.

(kc ksum is how he be spellin' his name metinks and just so you know... Rik Ds scares me more than anything in this world - his manipulative media mogul mind-molding regurgitated sermons freak me out. I've honestly had nightmares about his laugh-tracks, "special guests" and "insider information"... I shiver just thinking about it... And this comes from a fairly mainstream folkish songwriter. There's just so much I can take of commercialism! And to think he has legions of followers... *be afraid - be very afraid*"
I wouldn't worry too much about Rick Dees. I have a feeling he's probably a pretty normal guy, who springs out of bed in the morning for fear of poverty (just like the rest of us), goes to work, and pretty much does exactly what he's told, to hang on to his tenous position in a very fickle industry.

...and as for Casey Kasem, he's gotta keep the bills rolling in - have you seen his wife?
Be careful what you seek, you young and impressionable types; S8-Ns mp3.com page is actually Hell's homepage.
(you can use that as a printable quote)

Man, what a f@kin' riot!
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I saw the pic on mp3 and couldnt even think about listening to the music . are you satan or something?

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Ever try pronouncing his user name out loud?

If you think the picture is scary, you should hear the music! That's a compliment of sorts...can't say it's stuff I'd be listening to for fun, but he's good at getting his emotions across and that's what music is about, neh?
I will gladly email a pic of my studio to anyone who wants one... I haven't got it together enough to get a webpage up... There's not really much to look at... its all inside my PC...