I found a nice Podcast Package that is cheap and actually quite decent!

rob aylestone

I saw a package on aliexpress for $49/£42, so took a punt on it, and I did the video today. I thought it probably awful, but despite needing a bit of glue for transit repairs, it doesn't sound too bad at all. I've been reluctant to recommend some cheap Chinese kit, but listening in the edit to the SM7B and this cheap thing - with windshield, cable, anglepoise and isolation mount - it's really not bad and quite a bit better than those common other cheap things!

Thanks, Rob. I have to say, my ears couldn't detect any difference between the two. I see a multitude of similarly packaged and priced mic kits on Amazon. I've had the Neewer NW-800 kit on my shopping list for a couple years now, ever since our friend Dave here mentioned his. After watching your videos, I'm suspecting the dozens of "names" on these mics may just be different brandings for the same product.
Watching it now.. I hear a noticeable difference with these. The BM800 is warmer, picking up more low frequencies. Still getting some room noise from both.

The Samson C01.. even more noticeable difference - no room noise. I would pick this one for vocals - similar to my XLR AT2020 .
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I thought the Pro A R was much deficient in bass response compared to the SM7B, and had significantly more high frequency hiss, especially when using it at a distance. Once you went to the close mic'd setup, the input level was strong enough to drop the hiss relative to the voice. The bass deficiency was still there.

It's hard to tell exactly how much of the noise is due to the room, but I remember when CatMalone was doing his voice over work, there was a noticable level of hiss from his mic (in that case MXL770 vs Rode NT1). Once he got the Rode, the noise that I thought was from something like an AC or refrigerator simply disappeared.

However, for a Youtube podcast the $49 mic would be perfectly acceptable. I think that 95% of the videos on Youtube do not require studio quality. As long as the voice it intelligible, it's sufficient.