i finally got my site up

Looked at the cool site...but it wouldn't let me access music at all..error-city/denied denied denied...uh, is that a window unit in one of the recording rooms? Which would be cool of course, for sound effects.......
Dah, beautiful animation, dude, but a blank page after it. And better look at the HTML it generated for you, you're in for a shock(wave)!!!
I would like to see your site. I tried twice but couldn't get past the intro-just
got a blank page! I'll try later. Rock On!
Hey, nice site dude. It's about time someone around here takes the time to post pics of their home setup. I like to see people make use of what equipment they have and the space they have to build in. Being creative is what it's all about.
hey thanx for the quick reply guys,
yes that is a window unit i live in az and it gets real hot sometimes, i use it in between takes. now for the people who didnt get to see the whole site try upgrading your browser, cause i had a problem at first and then i upgraded. dragon, what exactly did you mean by what you said? oh yeah i just found out that yeah my music page doesnt work so im gonna work on that real soon.
thanx again, Jal
Hey, nice place! I notice that you use Sennheiser E-604's, how do you like them? I read in a magazine (Mix I think) that they compare quite favorably to the 421, what do you think? They're fairly affordable as well right?
hey thanx for the compliment guys. yeah i like the e-604 their gret for toms, at least better than what i use to use. ive used the 421 before but only on guitar amp, and i only use the 604's on the drums, i need to move them around though so when i use them on an amp ill tell you how they compare.
I bought several Sennheiser E-604's to replace my AKG C418's for my toms. The C418 lack on low end department. I moved two of my C418's to overheads; their small diaphrams are better suited for that aplication. I did some A/B comparisons at my friend's studio. The C418's are very close to the AKG C451; you really could not tell the difference. The tones of E-604 are close to the Sennheiser 421 on toms, but the 421 has a fuller body. I am sure a little EQ could even out the difference. The 421 blew the C418 out of the water on toms.
Thank Jal, I'd appreciate you letting me know. I've been thinking about getting some 604's, but I haven't heard of anyone using them.

Fishmed, I've seen the 604 refered to as "421 but at half the cost". I'll have to check them out next time I'm near a music store.
BADASS!!! you know, that stuff i dream about, when ill be able to dedicate that much space to recording. really nice studio setup there.<br>
how much did the construction cost? im assuming you did it on your own. just materials is what i mean.

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thanx again everybody. well i did do everything myself and it cost about $2400, i got everything from HOME DEPOT!!!!, everything is double drywall and the carpet is industry standard with no padding glued right on the cement.
ps. still havent checked out the 604's on an amp, but when i do ill let ya know.