I Did Not Know

Why would Stephen King kill John Lennon???

Why wouldn't he? I mean everybody wanted to take a shot at Lennon at some point.

Wait, or was that McCartney? Hmmm. What year was "The Girl is Mine" released? And would Michael Jackson really have argued with Paul over a girl :confused:
Conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists get a bad rap. After all, most events and historical phenomenon are the result of some type of group effort and often with an element of secrecy involved. The problem with conspiracy theorists is that they have the details wrong or at least at odds with contemporary beliefs or accepted history.

But cheer up conspiracy dudes. There's still time to get it right. History routinely revises itself and today's theory may be tomorrow's fact. Besides, increasingly in America, fact is determined by repetition and opinion polls. It's not wrong if it's repeated (especially on TV or the internet) and if at least thirty percent of the population believes.**

**see WMD and the links between Iraq and 9-11.