I can't believe it...


Reel deep thoughts...
An Ampex MM-1000 just went for over $4,000 on eBay...it is in unknown working condition, looks to have some mileage on it, has mismatched heads, and is the basic early model like mine without auto-input-switching. No accessories, no amp card covers, no chassis side panels...maybe other missing stuff. Kudos to the Seller, but wow.

Ampex mm1000 16 Track 2" Tape Machine | eBay
I've been seeing a deck prices on the rise lately...I think it's just hitting that part of the vintage sales cycle...
..then there will be a "can't-give-it-away" period. :D
I just hope the buyer knows what he/she is getting into. An Ampex MM-1000 wants to run, but anything rode hard and put up wet needs patience, time, attention and expertise...and $$$. I've learned first-hand it's a lot of work to get a nearly 50 year old electro-mechanically complex machine working properly.
Wouldn't be surprised if we see that same machine up there again after the buyer comes to his senses and balks on the purchase.
The buyer could have been buying a parts machine, you don't need to get much out of it to recover the investment. If the buyer has a good condition machine and wants to keep it running a parts machine is handy. I did this with my Tascam MSR16S machine years ago, bought a parts machine for a $1000, needed a new noise reduction board for mine and here they were charging $400 for the board, the parts machine had 16 good boards in it or $6400 worth of replacements.


P.S the Sony looks fantastic, Sony were a top multitrack in the day but I don't know much about the models.