I am waiting for your celtics on my singing&playing guitar and songwriting.


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Hi here's one of my songs. It's name is "koku" , "the smell"


There may be mistakes but here's a traslation of the lyrics.

What should I wait for?
Where should I walk through?
While your dream is standing in front of me.

May I swim to the green?
May I cover myself with blue?
Whatever I have, to make you happy

(It's) A dream. And another dream. I may give to you maybe someday.
Will I slide from your finger to the other?
Will I freeze with the wire of your hair?
Will I fall right in front of you from the rainbow?
Will I get compassion from your eyes?

(It's) A dream. And another dream. I may give to you maybe someday.
Where are you now?
In which house is your light?
Whom are you with?
Will you look at me and smile for a moment someday again?
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Hi, it's good.

But there is a few things you asked, and in the fairness of commentary.

Good vocals, high and bright voice, good mingling of falsetto. The other side, sometimes polished isn't always the best. Try to bring your own style, or at least, I think this is something you could work on, but, it's all good.

Good guitar playing.

Nice enough song. Nothing wrong with it, but a little bit bland.

Please don't take this as crushing, because it's not. You're a great musician, singer and songwriter. It is just my opinion - that you could bring some more of yourself to it.
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