I am PROUD of you ALL!!!


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It is REALLY GOOD to see that this FORUM and SITE is evolving and strong!!!

I remember when we first started this forum! 8-)

Peace, Love, and MUSIC!!!!


Post Script: I might put together a friendly beat battle (where we all pick from a folder with the same samples).

Beat Battles with a "finish by date" are very constructive for forum members.

It helps to get our junior members used to finishing a project, completeing the project by a deadline, working faster, making quicker "executive decisions", how the 'music game' is in 'real life', getting constructive criticism (it helps to toughen the skin [because, at heart, most producers are "divas" {that applies to me too, at times....:-)}]).

PPS: I am a wee bit, behind-the-eight-ball, on two projects, I am still setting up my new "used" computer, plus I just started spinning (as DJ SPIN aka Spin Star One) on their outdoor pavillion at the DuSable Museum in Chicago every Saturday (last weekend we had Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa there performing).


I will try to get the first of many battles started, As Soon As Possible.

I probably need to PM the Moderator, first.

Make music and by all means, BE SAFE!!!!

Once again, peace...