I am a newbie. Where is the "GET" button ?

Alice F

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I have been working with the folks at n Track trying to get me to understand where the "GET" button is. I am hoping I can get help with it's location here.

I bought the drum module. I am trying to install this module in n Tracks EX. I am being told that I add an instrument track, then somewhere on the box that pops up there is a "GET" button which will download my purchased module. I can add instrument tracks with ease.

I am a newbie. I downloaded the HTML manual, no help. Watched a video, no help. Nowhere is a "GET" button listed in those two things.

I just want to load my purchased two modules and to get the free modules installed but I have to find the "GET" button to do that.

Or I need someone to explain how to install modules in newbie language ?

I haven't looked at N-Track in years...and I'm not sure there's anyone here that uses it.
I would think for purchase/download questions, your best bet is talking directly to N-Track...not really sure why they can't help you understand how to do that, but you think someone here can...?

How about the N-Track manual...that's always a good place to start. :)

n-Track Studio | User Guide

Scroll down to the section on Activation.

Oh...and welcome to the forums...stick around after you get your activation sorted out.
Alice, I'm looking at the online User Guide, and the "Get" button is in the "Add-On Manager" program. This is described in section 3.5.3 of the User Guide.

n-Track Get button.png
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I think there might be two versions of the "Add-On Manager," because the n-Track web site has an "Add-On Manager" page in their support area, but if you're using that page to purchase add-ons then there don't seem to be any "Get" buttons. I think perhaps they only show up if you open the "Add-On Manager" inside of n-Track, because the screenshots that are shown in that online User Guide look similar to the n-Track window as far as the background color and the "x" in the upper right corner for closing the window.
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