hx stomp and keyboard midi


The little HX Stomp works as an interface for guitar recording...can it be your only interface
and have your keyboard midi go thru it also..??


All you have is now
Based upon a quick glance at what it is .....As an audio interface it is 2 channel / stereo any audio signal you put into it can bet recorded digitally.

On the midi side it has in, out and thru so the buttons can be programmed to trigger things / change patches. The midi can go through the unit to soft synths or VST's which can be recorded into your daw but you used the word interface. Though it is a midi interface, when we use the word interface we usually are talking about digital audio conversion not midi in, out and thru. Absolutely could run your stereo outs from the keyboard into it and had a digital audio signal sent to your DAW...or you could run several instruments into a analog mixer with the stereo outs going onto the unit but what you send in is a stereo signal two tracks of all of the instruments and a digital stereo signal into the daw...so you only have that stereo track to work with you can't go into your daw and mute just one of the several instruments in that stereo track