how's this mix?


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Nice mix so far though you could go much harder on the sidechain ducking that you've got being triggered by the kit for this style

I couldn't tell if it's ducking more than just the pads.

I personally think you could high pass the aux vocal (lower pitch one) a bit higher, it's got more bottom end than the 'main' vox and sticks out a bit.
Or re-introduce some bottom end in the higher pitch part, if there's any to be had.

Also I'd use the vocal to sidechain compress the Vox FX channel, so that it pushes the FX out of the way, then lets it swell back

all the best, br3ttski
Hi Mir,

you have some cool things happening in this track, however the kick drum is distorting badly.
Even at low volume its very noticeable. I would clean that up to start with :)


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Great work...the vibe of this track reminds me a lot of the group called "Enigma" back in the days, but with a modern twist. Nice abstract video as well. Keep it up!