How to write good lyrics

James HE

a spoonfull weighs a ton
let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go

and oh yeah... realize that honesty outweighs poeticism and cleverness, always!


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I don't know that that's always the case, James. "If there's a bustle in your hedgerow..." :D

Good way to let go? If you type quickly and are comfortable writing at the computer, try turning the contrast all the way down on your moniter and just go. You'll likely get a lot more down since you're not fussing over what you've just written. Then go back and scavenge through it. It works! You'll be experiencing the fruits of my $20,000 education.
English major then? BFA in sculpture here. All my $20,000 got me was a lot of ideas but as of now, no place to work on them :( (If I didn't have this recording monkey on my back, maybe I could afford some materials and a studio)

ahhh... I find my post to be a little obnoxious now that I take a second gander. I was just feelin it a little cuz I've actually been writing some tunes- oddly enough all on keys. Damn it! I'm a guitar player :D (listening to too much Red House Painters i think- or is that possible?)

Yup English. Actually the reason I've been spending so much time here at the BBS is because I am taking summer classes that have me sitting in front of the computer most of the day. So I stop in here when I'm taking breaks. Actually this is my 2nd $20k education.

The recording bug is what foiled my first degree, I changed my major to communications media as soon as I found out I could actually take classes in audio recording. Well, it wasn't fullsail, and after a year of kicking around with no motivation, I'm back to hard-boiling my brain in pusuit of the almighty MA. It hasn't curbed the desire to record, I just have no time anymore.

If you think you were being obnoxious, I've topped you with an unsolicited autobiography. Must be the new forum bringing out the writer in me...
Didn't Tom Lehrer already cover the table in "The Elements" (to the tune of "Modern Major General")?

I'm sure you've encountered a lot of wackos in your chem. dept. Why not write about them?
Try it the Hemingway way!
Drink, get divorced, remarry, drink, write get divorced, drink, write, remarry, write, drink, get divorced, drink,write, loose house and move to Cuba.

Not necessarily in that order
I'm 6 months into a PhD in Chemistry... how's that gonna help me write good lyrics??? Any of you out there interested in songs about the periodic table or the nature of matter??? :D
How to write good lyrics? IT'S EASY!!

You just start everything off with:

"There once was a girl from Nantucket,"

I promise there will ALWAYS be inspiration flowing after that opening.


Okay - that was pretty shallow of me. So, to help you with your original lyrical statement, try this:

Let go let go let go (etc.)
Why so why so why so
Don't know Don't know Don't know
So-so? so-so? so-so?
Maybe so maybe so maybe so
If so if so if so
Can do can do can do (I know that's stretching the rhyme a bit, but I think the "honesty outweighs the poeticism" to justify it) well, to continue:
Can you? can you? can you?
Me too! Me too! me too!

Well, as you can see, the possibilities are endless. As you can see, things are pretty slow around the forum today :)

And, as you can see, I said, "AS YOU CAN SEE" way too many times in one post. But, as you can see, I cleaned it up in this post. :D

Thanx for cleaning that up mutt, as you can see it was getting kinda muddy and hard to see in here.

Can Do, Can Do- hey, I like it!

There once was a sheila called Mabel
who ate off the periodic table,
She chewed the nature of matter
and got fatter and fatter
and now she's as big as a gable
Cobain did it the Hemingway way - minus a coupla loops and the Cuba thing.

Hmmm, not my best analogy. Back to work.
I think Cobain had a way of making whatever came to his head meaningfull. I think he was very clear about what the music was (obviously not clear about anythiing else)