How to repair a Blue, Bluebird Microphone (The Head snapped off)


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I got a free Bluebird Microphone from a friend, however the head has snapped off and the wires are broken that connect the microphone to the electronics inside of the body. (See Photo)

I was wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks to fix this neat mic? It would be great to have if I can get it up and running.

I have beginner/intermediate soldering skills, so I am willing to take it apart and work on it.

Would seem simple enough. Although probably a pain in the ass.
Resolder the wiring and glue the heabasket back on. I’d use an epoxy.

If you can’t get it to work, the only thing you’ve lost is some time.
It’s clearly a stupid design, strength wise and good one, design wise.

the surfaces are all painted or plated, so much depends on what is underneath. Strip the finish off, expose the metal. It looks like the thin tube snapped and is still inside, so get it out. It could be solderable, but I agree, epoxy is probably best, but it’s surface area that makes it strong.
Stupid design, full stop.
You can't solder the snapped wires where they are.
You have to open up both parts. DON'T TOUCH THE TRANSDUCER!
Take photos of the opened parts, so you have a record of what coloured wire goes where.
Measure the whole length of the wires, and replace with a new wire.
Glue the two parts back together.
If you can find a small tube - anything with an internal diameter the mic cables will fit through - cut a small length, and drill out the top and bottom to fit it. Epoxy this tube into the top and bottom units and it will be stronger than the original design.