How to remove this noise???


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Hey guys, since ages I go crazy about that noise (see file below).
It must be some electric hum I'm sure, but no notch filter doesn't help on that.
How to clean this audio file???
My programm ist Adobe Audition 3.0.

View attachment noise1.mp3
You will need to provide a little more information.

This would do for a start:
What is your signal path?
What gear are you using?
When does it occur?
Audition's noise reduction process will remove much of that but it certainly sounds like it could be removed at source with a little work. However, to give any help we really need to know the full signal chain including makes and model numbers and what sort of cables you are using.
Thanks for reply.
There is no path to describe.
It is an old mp3 file and I only need to remove that noise from it.
Edit: Ok, it's fixed. I used the noise reduction tool again. Thanks.
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It is an old mp3 file and I only need to remove that noise from it.

That key piece of information comes in handy.

The usual way for noise to be reduced is to capture a noise print from a part of the recording where there is only noise, then apply a noise reduction tool that effectively subtrac5ts that print from the rest of the track.

I believe AA has this facility.

How successful it is depends on how pervasive the noise is. If there is too much noise, using noise reduction also affects the rest of the track and you can end up with some weirdness.
If you don't have the option to re-record then use Audition's noise reduction. Just take a noise print and then run the standard noise reduction process while aiming for no more than about 12dB noise reduction for each pass.