How to remove the belt adapter from the motor?


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I need to ask for your help about something I thought would be simple. I'm replacing a motor from an old recorder and I need to remove the belt adapter from the old to the new one. But I just can't figure how to remove it. I've tried pulling it brute force with a pliers but it won't come out.
Here is a picture for the piece that I mean as the belt adapter:


Thank you very much in advance.
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You need a wedge puller - but I cannot find them on amazon anymore? They do miniature centre pullers but these won't work as you want the centre to come up, not down. The thing you need to hunt for are the ones that have two wedges, with a slot cut from the thin point back towards the thick. You slip one in from one side, and the other from the other side and when they slide over each other they push up. I'll keep searching but I'm not seeing very small ones - here's a bigger version.
Is there a set Allen screw, like a pinion gear? That locks it on..Look all around the stepper pulley.

Is it heat set? It is brass or something that conducts better than steel. Dissimilar metals expand differently... Apply heat and see if it expands and slides on the shaft...dont burn your fingers.

* i wouldnt torch it either* Use an Iron with a dial for temp...or torch it.

How are you putting it on the new motor?
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A top view of the pulley might help it looks like brass. Assuming the motor is bad and you want to replace. In that case brute force is OK. Motor in vice two wide flat head screwdrivers opposing each other touching the pin below the pulley and pry up. A quick search of mini pulley pullers came up with this below at Amazon if yoy are trying not to damage the motor.

The Pinion gear pullers that we used for slot car motors might fit it. The next question would be if the pulley is a press fit, how are you going to press it to the new motor? It's probably not a problem if the shaft extends through the housing so that you could use a press to install the pulley.
Thank you all for your advices. I wasn’t expecting to be so complicated… But that brings me to another question… How do I place it afterwards on the new motor??
I bet it expands with heat..

heat it up slide it off.
heat it up slide it on the new motor

too small for press fit. delicate. Id smash it, pressing. heat is gentle. It even looks brass...