How to mount a POD ? My home Studio.

I'm sorry I don't know about mounting the pod, although I am interested in buying one. But I was wondering since you've obviously done a lot of studying, if this is a good computer setup.
-MOTU 2408
-either Cakewalk Pro audio 9 or Sonic Foundry
-Glyph hard drive and DAT backup
-Windows based PC
zerotosixty ,

If I had your budget, I'd go for either the Mark of the Unicorn or possibly a Layla . . . both have very good reviews, however, I've used neither . . . perhaps others here can steer you in the right direction.

As far as backup goes, I backup everything on CD-R . . . it's cheap and easy, but with the FIJI's digital I/Os, I could easily go to DAT if necessary. At this point, I don't have a need for DAT.

Glyph, as SCSI drives go, has a great reputation . . . solid and dependable. If you can afford it, I think Glyph would be a good choice for the HD and DAT !

I run Cakewalk on WINDOWs 98 using a dedicated Quantum 8.5ms/7200rpm/20.5Gb hard drive. I have never had a problem, even when maxing out my digital audio tracks.

I've used nothing but Cakewalk ( running Guitar Studio2 ) and Voyetra Digital Orchestrator as far as software . . . so, I can't comment on Sonic Foundry, but, I prefer Cakewalk over Voyetra software products. You may want to post an inquiry in the Cakewalk forum for user comments.

Sounds like you're on your way to building one heck of a system. Don't know what you'll be recording, but if it includes vocals and acoustic instruments, don't forget to save some bucks for microphones and processors . . . garbage in - garbage out, you know. Good luck to you !

PAPicker- way cool- I'd have to get that mixer a little higher off the ground though! I will soon be customizing my desk setup- looks like fun!