How to license my music?

rob aylestone

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No platform at all - just composed to order - Another good earner was 3 mins of said music for Poppy Day. The request came in via email I think. Realistically, you won't get these kind of things via these sites because if you wanted some music for a video, would you want generic one size fits all, or something that has a building and a hit at 1:13:05 when the camera cuts to the 'thing'? If your music is mood music, then that probably has a home there, but, it's up against thousands. When you put it on those sites you describe it as say, sad, patriotic, historic, cinematic etc etc and that brings back a list, hopefully with your tracks in there sometimes. I do lots of video work and figured I'd offer audio tracks composed to order - it's worked pretty well, but as I said, I always put a time limit on them, and when that time is up, they go onto Spotify, iTunes etc. One of these, which was inspired by a prison in Northern Ireland infamous in the troubles of the 70s - turned up today in my stats. $1.79 for July - not exactly keeping me in McDonalds even.Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 20.22.44.png