How to handle AKG c1000s condens mics


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I´m about to make a live recording of my rock band using 2 AKG c1000s and a Sony 4 track MD. I can se 3 ways to use the mics and would like to get your comments and suggestions.
1: Use the mics internal 9 volt battery and the gain control of the MD
2: Use a mixer (Behringer 602A) with phantom power and gain as a mic preamp
3: Buy a cheap 2 channel mic preamp (eg. Behringer ultragain 2200)
Please describe advantages and disadvantages. I know one disadvantages with option 3. Its espensive, as I dont own a mic preamp.
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Since you are pretty much mic'ing the whole room with the c1000's (that is what you mean isn't it? recording the whole band at once live?) Then a mic preamp wouldn't make that much difference... Especially with condensers...
The preamp is nice when it comes to doing vocals or mic'ing a kick drum or snare... The mic preamps on a small board like the Behringer are cheap solid state pre's and don't do much good...
I'd go with a TUBE preamp like the ART dual MP for around $250... But it isn't going to make a DRASTIC difference in sound... The c1000s sound pretty good on their own....

just my half-assed opinion,
If your questions is whether to use 9V batteries or phantom power from the Behringer or buy a cheap mic pre, I'd say use the 48v from the behringer. You'll protect your session from sudden battery crapout, and I think you'll get better signal with 48v.

The mic pres in the behringer are probably better than the ones in your recorder if my VS1680 is any indication, so you may be improving the signal path there as well despite it being longer.

At the end of the day, there's no substitute for experimenting...try both 9v batt and 48v behringer and see which sounds better.

Depending on your budget, I'd say hold off on the mic pre, live with the behringer pre's, and get a large diaphragm condensor for vocals next. It all starts at the front of the signal chain.