how to get the best from shure BG1 with ART preamp?

First i would make sure your input level is where you want it. If I remember correctly, the ART pre-amp has green , yellow, and red LEDS indicating in put signal. I would run it at the end of the warm(yellow). Avoid the red if possible.That should give you enough input signal. Adjust your output level while watching your level meters on your recorder as high as you can get it without clipping. Try to keep your peaks close to zero.You want as much signal as you can get for your mixdown.

Hey Bill,

FYI, ART actually suggests that you play around with "tickling" the Clip lights on the Dual MP. No kidding, it is in the manual. From extensive personal dealings with this mic-pre, I whole heartedly agree. Most clip lights in analog gear indicate that the signal is within a certain DB of clipping. The trick is that you don't know if you are, or within the predefined level that will make it show clipping. Usually it is anywhere from -10 through -4 of clipping. I just use the old ears to tell me..... :) It seems though that when you tickle the red on this unit, you wind up with a whole lot less transients on tape. The pre-amp starts acting like the most expensive limiter on the market..... :)

Anyway, about buying a 57 or 58, well, a 57 is a very useful instrument mic, but the 58 is not going to do much for recording for the extra money it costs. Look at a AKG C-1000 S as a low cost vocal, acoustic guitar mic for recording. If you want some great vocals, lead guitar, horns, drum overheads, try a AT 4033. Hard to find a better combination than the 4033 and the Dual MP for the above combination.

Good luck.
Ed Rei
Echo Star Studio