How to extend the high frequency response of an Ampeg 810E.

Ampeg all-tube SVT amps sound great to me. I recently grabbed an 810E from 1980 to go with my SVT 2 Pro.

I noticed that with all the EQ set to 12oclock on my amp, it sounds like my tone knob is rolled back, with my bass. Then I found out this cab has a low pass filter that starts at 5khz.

Many other bass cabinets do not have this 5khz cut off.

Has anyone tried modding this high frequency cut off filter out? I would think it would be better to control highs with the amps graphic EQ than to have a mandatory high frequency cut off.

Do you think they simply soldered in a capacitor to each speaker, or to the jack? And all I have to do is remove this capacitor?


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Most all guitar/bass speakers top out at 5-7kHz. For anything closer to full range (like you have on amps for acoustic guitar or electronic piano) you usually have some type of tweeter (dome or piezo types are common).