How to cut record mistakes from any point in pro tools

Deniz Orman

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Hi Friends,

I am dealing with home studio and recording my classical guitar works using beginner level m audio fast track card and pro tools m-powered essential 8. I have one problem in pro tools. I am making mistakes during playing and I am expecting to skip those parts. But the problem is, pro tools is only allowing me to cut the sound as a block in the track. I need to work on very small gaps like miliseconds. Because when I cut the block then my other well played record part is also deleted. What should I do for that ?

I tried to attach the screenshot so you can understand me better. As you see on the screeshot picture, Pro tools allows me to cut-copy or paste for each block like for the between 33-34 / or 33-36. But I need to cut much more small parts like the record signed by red circle.


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Switch from grid mode to slip mode. In the upper left corner there's a set of buttons for this.

I suggest putting fades or crossfades wherever there's an edit.