How should I Publish a Few songs I Have Written?

I have written perhaps half a dozen songs which I would like to see published one way or another. I do not have print copies of the songs, but I have recorded them with "Knobby Mountain Band," the name I call my one-man band. I have two or three of them registered with the US Copyright office as recordings. I will appreciate ideas on what to do with the songs. As I think about the matter, I don't think I'd want to try to get them out on the big record market - at least not with me singing them; but I would consider selling a couple of songs o someone else who wanted to perform them. I will appreciate advice here.
Songs aren't "sold," they are "licensed. You don't have to print to publish. You can register recordings of them as published works. To publish, merely post them on the internet with proper copyright notice. You can also make CDR copies, cassettes, usb drives of the material available to the public.
Distrokid is pretty inexpensive annually @$20 a year and your songs are then published and put out there for the world to see. There are always people / companies out there looking for songs to cover. If you have a great one your odds are better putting them out there than not...For $20 a year Distrokid digitally propagates them well ...
Or CDBaby, $29 for an 'album', that gets on all th emajor streaming services forever.

But its not clear what the OP really means by 'publish' - he mentions 'selling' his songs for someone else to sing/record. Good luck with that - get in line behind the million others.