How much is too much?


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Cooperman pretty much already covered it, and yeah like tutton said, check that fuse, it should be a 15A maximum.

Look on the back of each of your units. It should tell you how much amperage it draws.

Add them up and see how much the total amperage draw is. The general rule is you should not exceed 80% of the amperage available by that circuit. A safety margin so they say. So, you generally don't want the total of all your devices on that circuit to exceed 12A or so. Your power amp will probably grab most of it.

Maybe you can run a long extension cord from another circuit?
How much is too much to plug into one wall socket? That's all I have for my control room, and with all the mixers, recorders, effects, mix down decks, etc. etc. etc. on and on it's starting to get really scary.

Basically what I got is two power strips coming from one extension cord. They are both almost completly filled up. Any suggestions? Am I OK?

Im in Aust here and were got 240V

but check your power point fuse in the fuse box and make sure its not a heavy fuse or it wont blow....and your power strips should have Reset buttons on them too

I don't know if it's the same here as it is in the US but here you can't draw more than 10 amps out of one socket. On each piece of equipment it should give it's average current consumption... if you are over 10 amps the you might have problems... but at my university we use something that draws 15 amps on start up through a regular socket and haven't had any trouble so far... if at any stage no one hears from me... you'll know why :D
I can't find an amperage level on anything but my stereo amplifier. All I can find on my other stuff is Watts, Hertz, and Volts. Do any of these translate somehow into Amps? I'm afraid to plug anything else in.
If your lines are 120V, your working with approx 1500W (staying within the 80% safety limit).

If you have a effects processor that says it uses 7W - to get amperage:

Power=Current * Voltage


I=P/V so I=7W/120V = .058A or 58mA

Not a lot of current.

The back of my poweramp says 420W (don't worry about the Hz, I assume your on 60Hz)


I=420W/120V = 3.5A

Taking a good chunk of the 13 or so that you have to work with.

Do this with all your equipment and you should get a good idea of where you stand on that circuit.
Damnit! I hate math...

It's too bad I lost my TI85 so many years ago...

Thanks Emeric...your so damn smart...what are the feeding you guys up there?