How much Eq before mastering


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You want to roll off your bass around 150hz (wherever it sounds good), but actual EQ setting for the vocals depends on how loud they were recorded, the mic, the tone of the vocal, THE MUSIC (how you mixed it), many factors.

If the music is very thick and bassy, and your vocals are thin and recorded at a low level, your EQ settings are going to be entirely different from a loud vocal with a thin song. There are no EQ settings for vocals that work with everything.

Many times a vocal fix comes when an EQ change is made in the music.


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how much eq should i put on vocals before mastering takes place. how should the frequency chart look like for the eq on vocals before mastering. like what is the maxium number it should reach for each individual frequency like 200Hz, 700Hz,........and so on. I know this is probably a hard question to answer but if u can help me out that would be real great. o yea and what is a good number to set the "Q" to when boosting and Cutting. thanks
Too many variables to give a definitive answer. Mic, room, vocalist, what the backing track is like, how much compression you're going to apply to the track. Lead vocals? Harmony vocals?

Experiment and see what happens.
"How much" questions are always answered the same, it's like a Zen thing:

"How much [EQ/compression/reverb] do I need to put on [track]?"

Answer: "However much it needs."