How Many Guitars do you own

How many guitars do you own

  • 0-1 Who would ever need more?

    Votes: 84 4.8%
  • 2-4 A person needs options!

    Votes: 707 40.2%
  • 5-8 Variety is the spice of life.

    Votes: 628 35.7%
  • 9-12 I'm a serious collector.

    Votes: 160 9.1%
  • Over 13 Maybe I should open a store.

    Votes: 180 10.2%

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Thanks my friend. That's a tender subject now. That was Jan Marks on vocal and keys. He was actually part of the ABB entourage back in the day and was close friends with both Greg and Dwayne. He passed away on july 1st. We had a pretty decent live band going for a while there.


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Right now I have 9 guitars and 3 bass guitars. Definitely need more lol, my opinion is you can never have too many. Each one of my guitars has its purpose, and I have definitely played all of them at different points. I had more, but bills happened, life happened, and I have had to part with a couple. Out of the guitars that I have sold off over the years, I miss my gibson eds 1275 the most. That guitar is on my list of future acquisitions, I saw it in a music shop once when I was a kid, and that guitar was part of the reason I started playing in the first place.


I found myself in the store catagory now. I have 5 Gibson, 2 Fender, 3 ESP or LTD, 1 Ibanez, 1 Dean, 1 Music Man I recently decide I need to clear out offshores. I've got enough US and MIJ that the others don't cut it so why bother.


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Hey all I'm new here 1st post other than the introduction post I have been playing guitar for over 50 years and doing non-structural repairs (set-ups, change out pups, electronics, nuts, bridges, machines and such. I have 17 guitars 15 electrics and 2 acoustics at the present time. I tried to post pictures but I can't seem to accomplish that. I don't see many pictures so far is that not allowed here? I also have a ton of questions concerning software my current set-up and some video questions as well and would like to know the correct place to post my questions I don't want to start here by posting any thing outside of accepted protocol.


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Welcome, WurWulf :D

On the front page.. Digital Recording & Computers and Music Video Production are good places to start. Be sure to list all involved devices by name and model number to facilitate helpful responses. Farther down are discussions for specific software and hardware.

I believe you'll need to make X-number of posts before posting pics.


Used to own 7. Now I only own two. An amazing classical guitar from 1910s. So old that it uses pegs for tuners instead of tuning machines. The other is a strat deluxe plus with a custom humbucker.


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I had to sell all my guitars in 2009. I began reacquiring around 2013 and now I'm back up to 5, including a dulcimer. Nothing like my 2009 collection but it's a new start.. Hopefully, I'll snag a 70's Fender Passive Jazz sometime next year - if I'm lucky.


This is technically my 21st, but I gave one away to have an even 20. My wife and son got this for me for Christmas.
Plays as well as any guitar I have. I changed the stock cream pickup rings to black. Wolf guitar from All in One.
wolf 2.jpg
wolf 1.jpg
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Down to 2 acoustics, which likely will not change, because one is a good one and one is a travel/camp type of guitar (good, but "walked into a few bars"). There is a 5-string bass in the closet that will go back to the original owner that gifted it to me when I can again freely travel about the land, so I don't count it. (I find it's much more satisfying to just contact one of my friends that play bass and ask if they'll contribute to whatever whim I have, vs. trying to work out something that sounds like what a real bass player would play though I did play bass briefly back in the latter 70s, I know my limits...)


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I have too many - but it's a sickness! I'm not a collector - more of an accumulator. I like to have various options when recording and do actually play all of them from time to time (the down side of a lot of guitars - very expensive for a lot of sets of strings (I don't change them as much as I should).

15 Electric (includes a 12 string)
5 Acoustic Electric (includes a 12 string and a nylon string)
6 Acoustic (includes a 12 string and 2 resonators)
3 Electric bass (includes a 5 string)
1 Pedal Steel
1 Lap Steel
2 Banjos (1 4 string and a 5 string)
3 Mandolins
1 Ukulele
1 Dulcimer
1 Sitar (gifted) to me


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Currently, I have 12 guitars, all electric, including a 12-string. Also, I have a P-Bass and a Squier Bass 6. I should probably sell off the ones not used that often.


This is a fun thread.

I used to have an Epiphone Casino Coupe, a Squier Telecaster Special - those I sold a while ago.
Today I have a 2007 Fender Strat (I upgraded the original pickups for the Hot Noiseless) which I've owned since I bought - 14 years!!! I'm a very happy Mex Fender owner.

I have a Crafter DE7/N and my great grandpa's classical guitar, which is a Gianinni Trovador (really crappy old piece of wood, but its 40+ years old).


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I've been selling off my collection. I'm down to 4 basses and 3 guitars.

Fender MIM P Bass (Weighs a ton, but it's got THAT sound)
Ibanez Acoustic bass (I use this for practice. No cables, amps, etc, just pick up and play)
hand built fretted (my main bass. It sounds and plays awesome)
Hand built fretless (The fretless still has some work to be done)

Guitar fetish Tele (love this guitar)
Guitar Fetish Strat (Not so much this guitar)
Martin Acoustic (MIM. I call it a Marteeeen. It's got a great full sound)


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Just added: Hofner violin bass and PRS Mira, bringing total to 22. I think.
Cool! I envy your Hofner. I had a '65 RH 500/1 and it saw many live gigs. Great sound and playability. I ran it through a Boss CS-2 pedal into amps and FOH.

Here's some Hofner history. I was looking for info regarding their newer construction methods but didn't see any.
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Cool! I envy your Hofner. I had a '65 RH 500/1 and it saw many live gigs. Great sound and playability. I ran it through a Boss CS-2 pedal into amps and FOH.

Here's some Hofner history. I was looking for info regarding their newer construction methods but didn't see any.
Ever think about getting another? I love my Hofner Ignition. A lot of people state they have had problems with their Ignitions but I think I got a good one because mine is great. The only problem I have is that I get a slight buzz on one string on ONE fret, but you can’t hear any buzz when amped.