How many electric guitars does one really need to (fairly authentically) "cover the bases" - soundwise only?

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I still want one of everything. My collection doesn't overlap much. I need a Tele, well, just because. And a Strat for quack. A Les Paul for the humbuckers. A LP with P90's for sure. A 335 and a Casino for the same reasons (humbuckers and P90's). A jazz box of some description (an Artcore in my case). And an electric 12 string. I have a Dano. I have a shit load more stuff one trick ponies. That's the whole point for me.


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I would love to have one of everything but I discovered long ago the downside of that goal.

1. Cost
2. Storage
3. Maintenance
4. The goal can never be completed

Plus I realized that I am not a collector so I was much happier when I sold off all of the gear I had that was not used on a regular basis.

The answer is different for everyone.

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How many pairs of shoes does a woman need to walk from point A to point B? Eh??

When your wife questions your guitar acquisition habits, just ask her that question and watch the looks. Just make sure you have an avenue of escape.
I've tried that defense before, but she came back with "and how much does a pair of shoes cost compared to a guitar?" 😐😠


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To add to the OP's list, I would put in an acoustic-electric (Yamaha/Taylor/Martin) for the country/folk stuff,
unless you just want to "Brian Setzer" your way through every softer number with the jazz box :-)

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well, I have 22 guitars ..... been playing for a living and recording for 60 years.
I can do any gig with any of them ..... for recording it's rare that I go for a particular guitar to get a particular sound ..... I tend to use whatever's closest to me.

I do tend to use my paul for certain rhythm things and will grab my tele for certain things but personally I could have a single guitar and manage anything with it.
For me, if I had to dump all but one I'd use my Stinnett with P-rails


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Yeah....I have a LOT of guitars too and I agree. For the most part I can do any gig with pretty much any of them and a decent Fender amp.....and my Boss ME-80 pedal thing. One of my guitars is TRULY a one trick pony though. The Rickenbacker 325. Hardly ever used it for anything live...and not very much for recording either. But it does look great on the studio wall.