How it was in 1973 - magazine article from the 70s


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I remember a lot of those adverts. I was a long time subscriber to both Audio and HiFidelity magazine,. Occasionally grabbing a copy of HiFi New and Record Review.

As for the article about Dolby, it would be interesting to know how much of it is over the head of many readers. It seems that such concepts are foreign to a lot of audio people these days. There was also a really nice article about the cassette coatings of the day. If should be required reading for people using cassettes for multitrack recording.


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Fun flash back there buddy. I was working for the so cal Zenith distributor...though TV's were our main thing they made some really nice mid level stereo system and came out with a discrete quad system that had both a phonograph and 8 track player that were quad. One of the buds we worked with bought one and we all went to his shack to get stoned and listed to DSOTM and Echoes on it...Getting loose on Matuese (Portugese wine) and stoned on some good California grass,,,Dem was the daze. That discrete quad shit was awesome.


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Those were the days of content quality and knowledge sharing with those publications. Whatever the domain, magazines in the 70's and early 80's provided a lot of technical articles that would improve the average knowledge of any keen reader. Thank a lot for sharing with us Rob.