How does this Twitch Streamer eat on mic without it being picked up?

I'm watching Hasan Piker videos on youtube and I'm noticing that with both the Shure SM7B and with what looks like maybe a Blue Yeti Pro he's able to chew gum and eat garlic bread basically right next to the mic and it doesn't pick it up at all.

Meanwhile, every one of my audiobook recordings is riddled with little mouth noise artifacts that I have to manually edit out, no matter how hard I try or how far I get away from the mic. I record with a shure sm58 and scarlett focusrite solo.

Heres an example (it starts at him eating, you only need to watch a few seconds). I don't think its edited out because when I watch the stream live you can't hear it there either. If I could learn how to isolate out my mouth nosies and breathing that would save me a lot of time editing.


A lot of gating or possibly an auto mix function on the recorder (something available on a lot of field recorders and used for dialog exchanges like this). His channel is essentially muted or at least seriously attenuated when he's not the speaker. This works best when there's another speaker that comes in to cover the abrupt changes in volume that are occurring in his channel (and probably the other speaker's).

You can also apply all kinds of voice cleanups in post to remove mouth-clicks, breaths, etc. iZotope RX is a product that has these kinds of plugins or a standalone (in the full version) that can be used to fix a lot of these things.