How does this mix sound?


I think the mix is basically fine. The one suggestion I have is to de-ess the vocal a bit.

I would probably lower the output of the mastering chain by 0.7dB. My metering is estimating post-DAC overs of about 0.6dB.


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I like the overall balance, and really like the song. Its got a nice pop vibe. Good job with the harmony vocals.


sounds well to me. kinda green day like, kinda country like too, critically there is some odd phasing on the vox apparent at 329


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Hey nice job man! Catchy tune, Rhythm is solid with clear well defined vocals, I cranked it and enjoyed the kick drum thumping my chest :)
Mix is good with a nice balance on the low end, Great job!.....Ray

Could just be a taste/opinion thing, but the bass guitar seemed loose or indefinite in several places, and, overall, it's a bit overcompressed (to my ear).

Per [MENTION=103008]bouldersoundguy[/MENTION]'s comment, the mix level is too high at least for this MP3. (Lots of peaks over 0dBFS.) If you are normalizing on output to 0dBFS, you might try dialing that back to something closer to -1.

Good tune and I liked the vocals.