how does it sound ?


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That bass drop at the beginning is great. This could be in a film. If I'm nitpicking - I think the cymbals could have some more space or some reverb, maybe a little more air on the top end. It's gimmicky, but I wonder how they would sound reversed, then add reverb, then reverse again so there's a build up into the cymbal hits? The snare could have a little more crack on the top end as well - you could even layer another snare sample. I also think you could go even bigger with the kick sound. This is just nitpicking though to try to juice it even more. It sounds great.


Really nice bass, and overall sounds really solid and ominous. The snare feels a bit too boxy/boomy to me, could be tightened up a bit and/or brought to the foreground a bit more. Love the video and the music fitting it. Would have liked to hear some kind of final crescendo.


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you're right, the drums could sound way better.. and the snare should be more dramatic and even darker. i will change this
thank you <3