How do you get it LOUD???

I don't think I have Cool Edit PRO. I just have Cool 96. I don't seem to have a waveform editing screen, unless that's what you call the main screen. I don't get how you can compress each individual track (if what you mean by "track" is each instrument. I think that's what you mean. Do you just compress, like, certain frequencies? Like midrange frequencies would be for the guitars and vocals, etc. I'll have to look into this "Pro" thing. Maybe there's an upgrade available. I'm still interested in this wave bundles software dohicky.
That's the ticket... I dont know much about cool 96 but Cool Pro has two main screens...the multitrack screen where you view all of the tracks at once, and the waveform editing screen where you view and edit one track at a time. This is where you compress and such... It sounds like you need to upgrade...$$$ Cha-ching $$$