How do I place one single kick audio-sample on all original kick markers throughout the full song?


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Hi, first post on this forum. Thanks for having me!

Have had a dilemma while mixing for quite some time now and haven't found an answer on this topic yet.

I have an original recorded acoustic kick, that needs some serious strengthening and bulking up. Found a good audio sample of only one single sample hit, that I want to put as a trigger on all the original kick hits. Previously I've taken the sample, zoomed in on every original kick-hit and put it manually in place.

This works, only that it takes forever.

Would any of you know if I can do this more smoothly? An instrument in my daw that can do this (preferably with good transient precision), a plug in, or some technique I've missed etc?

Appreciate all the help I can get. (I use Logic).

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I did that very thing in Reaper. I recording a jam session some years back where the kick mic got knocked up against the drum head, so it gave an awful racket every kick. I used a VST called JS Audio to MIDI Drum Trigger. Set the level so that it fires on the kick wave. In this case, I fed it to MTPowerDrumkit's kick drum and suddenly I had a nice clean kick. It sounded great.

Here are instructions:
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Like Rich, I've done this quite a few times in Reaper. As well as the JS Audio to MIDI Drum Trigger plug-in, you can also use ReaGate to send a MIDI note each time it opens. Reaper can also automatically detect all transients in a track though I've not used that approach yet. If you aren't using Reaper, older versions of these plug-ins can be downloaded in the ReaPlugs package which will work in any VST host.
Pro Tools have a plug in (since more than 20 years ago)
called : Soundreplacer
not only for drums & percs...