How do I achieve a sound like this?


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This is one of the best produced songs I have ever heard and I cannot wrap my head around how he did it. This is exactly the type of sound I want for my own projects but was never able to achieve. I know he does everything by himself and does not outsource a thing. I know an analog Neve Preamp and analog UAD 1176 is involved. I am feeling like I tried everything but I do not even get close to a juicy sound like that. Does anyone hear how he achieved this sound or at least which techniques or Plugins are involved?

Deviil - Alive or Dead
Well - it's not my favourite genre, but it is well produced. I would not really make the neve preamp and the UAD responsible for the sound, because it's heavily processed and autotuned (at a level where it becomes an effect) - but he clearly knows how to craft his voice sound and make a hole for it with the tracks - which are all really well put together. If you listen carefully, you can sort of imagine a large diaphragm mic close in. probably multi-band compression and either really good double tracking or electronic double tracking with pitch and timing flow. Plus short reverb(s). The vital thing really is his voice and his technology grasp. I'd bet he could replicate that sound without the Neve. He has chosen a mic that flatters his voice. He knows, but we're guessing and lots of photos I found I suspect are probably posed so may not be what he used. There is a singer called Rumer who always sounds amazing and it was revealed the favourite mic in the studio for her voice was the SM58. In many of the pics they show much more collectable mics, but they then spend time making those sound like a 58!