How cool would it be to have a full orchestra at your command?


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Damn..I am trying to buy this apogee duet from this Gal on the internets and she sends me a response e-mail with links to her stuff..
She's like an orchestral swizzle stick composer / conductor...

I'm a rock dude but I love what George Martin did with the Beatles using orchestras and of course with the advent of synthesizers we have full orchestras in the box...Pink Floyd and Yes come to mind...I once got to see Wakeman perform with a full orchestra and choir doing journey to the center of the earth at the Hollywood Bowl...epic comes to mind...

So here's a link to her Tik Tok doing her thing...what a loser...


rob aylestone

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What got me was the woodwind people playing with masks on and at the end - a mask wearing brass player? How on earth does that work?


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I worked with a fellow for about 15 years who had a daughter that played piano and violin. I think she was about 8 or 9 when I first met her. I remember she was pretty good as a youngster but lots of kids take piano lessons when they are kids. She kept at it, got her music degrees, and has done pretty well in the music business, eventually becoming a conductor.

Currently she's conducting Phillip Glass and Verdi at the Met in NYC, having also conducted in Paris, Oslo, London, Hamburg, LA, Charlotte, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Israel, etc. She's also won a Grammy.

To be honest, I never would have imagined that she become a world famous conductor.