How can I separate this horn background music from the audio?


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How can I separate this horn background music from this audio. Sorry if any of you are having a hard time listening to the horn in the background. The reason why it's hard to hear is because I edited the original audio.

You can still hear the background horn in the audio but it is very low because I edited the original audio so much. The horn music is most likely made by a synthesizer. It's pretty much the only music in the audio. The other sound that's mixed with it is basically the sound of a wooden floor cracking.

Now what I truly want is for me to separate the wooden floor cracking sound from the horn music. How can I do that? Are there any softwares that can help me with this? I tried using Spleeter but it still didn't do it. I tried using Noise Reduction, Vocal Reduction, and Vocal Isolation in Audacity but it only made the audio low quality and low volume.

How can I fix this?

By the way, the audio is in the link below.



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Not spamming... simply confused about what horn you are trying to remove. It's such a jumbled mess of phased sounds that I would find it impossible to know what to remove.

As for removal software, I doubt you will find anything that will work, unless it is exactly centered in a stereo file. In that case you could flip the phase and have it cancelled. That's the old trick to "Remove the vocals from any recording". Unfortunately, that removes any centered mono signal.


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There are some spectral editors that might have some chance of helping.

However, trying to pull something out of a mix is like trying to separate the eggs or flour out of a baked cake. Once you mix something, it is no longer the separate parts, it becomes something else.

rob aylestone

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Is that what is left after you have already tried it? I only ask because I too don't hear any sound that I'd categorise as a pitches instrument of any kind. It sounds like the mess you get when you have removed vocals on tracks that have loads of swimmy reverb on them.


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Now that I've actually listened to it, I agree. It sounds like leftover hash from a noise removal plugin.