How can I improve my process, my voiceover sound tinny!


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I recorded a voiceover for a video essay that sounds very tinny. Attached is the process I went through before adding the voiceover to the video. I work with Adobe Audition.

I followed this tutorial: Make Your Audio and Voice Sound Better – Audition CC Tutorial - YouTube

Here you can hear my voice over from minute 01:00: Charles Bukowski - The Crunch - YouTube

I would like to go more in the direction of this podcaster with my voice over; starting at minute 00:05: Темная материя. Я стала мамой в пятом классе by Батенька, да вы трансформер | Free Listening on SoundCloud

What do I have to change to sond more like him?

I am very happy about any kind of help!
Thanks a lot already!

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Some of it is technique, some is your environment.

You might include a bit about the mic that your are using.

The first thing is that it sounds as if the microphone is a significant distance away. That usually means less direct sound, more reflected sound. The voice sounds "hollow", you can hear room reflections even with the background music. Do you have any treatment to control the sound in your room?

As for the EQ curve, If I need to fatten up a voice, I would boost from about 80 to 500Hz by a couple dB, and draw down at about 4K by 2 dB. Its the classic "smile" curve. It will fatten up the sound.

Fat Vocal.jpg

What did the vocal sound like without EQ? You are sucking out all the body by removing everything from 90 to 400Hz.
I thought the same thing - too far away and probably a not too nice recording space - hard surfaces, but a bit boxy - and unflattering EQ or none at all.
Going back and listening to the tutorial video that was referenced.

The fellow producing the video is using a Rode Procaster, which is their offering to counter the RE20. He must be very close to the mic as there are significant plosives throughout the video. The Procaster does have a fair amount of proximity effect, so that will emphasize the bass frequencies. I haven't used the Procaster, but the reviews I have seen mention that it is somewhat fuller on the bottom end than the RE20.

So the curve that he was using in Audition might make sense for his recording. He needs to counteract the additional bass that his technique and mic is providing.
Yes, I can year a lot of room sound. To mitigate that, move closer to the mic and treat the room with absorption and diffusion.

Don't copy someone else's eq settings. Your recording is a different starting point, so to arrive at a similar destination you will need to take a different route. Each voice is unique. What you need to do for yours is going to be just as unique.