hooking up my tascam dp-008ex to my windows pc


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I'm trying to hook up my dp008ex to my pc so I can play back what I've recorded. Do I run a line from the mic on the Tascam to an input on the sound card (2.5mm jack) Or do I need an audio interface? I'm a bit confused between input and output. Thanks
I would Create A Stereo Master Track fo each completed song, then Export that using the Export procedure. This will export the song to a partition in your 008 which can then be transferred to your computer via USB connection. Then you can play it like any other song file in your computer. This will give you the best available audio quality on playback.

Just follow the procedures for creating and exporting stereo master tracks in the 008's manual.

The USB connection is for data transfer only, so won't allow for playing the song from the 008 to the computer thru it.
Thank you for this idea. I was hoping to be able to hook it up to my PC so as to listen to a track after recording it -a rough listen. From your suggestion I expect i'm unable to run output from the RCA jacks on the 008 to the soundcard on my PC?
The problem is that most computers only have one input, which is typically used for a mic such as you have on a headset. You don't have a stereo input, so there's no easy way to just plug from the line outputs on the DP008 to the computer. If you have powered monitors, or a stereo with line inputs, you can run directly from the DP008ex to the stereo or monitors.

What "soundcard" does your PC have?
The Soundblaster has more capability than most normal computer inputs.

According to the Soundblaster documentation, the top input plug appears to be a stereo input. They mention using it for things like MP3 players, and it says line/mic. On the pinout for the 10 pin plug, it shows audio L and R. If that is true, then you should be able to use a stereo 1/8 TRS plug to dual RCA cable to run from the DP008ex to the Soundblaster.

Something like this should be available cheaply enough to give it a try. HOSA 1/8" to RCA
Thanks Talisman. I appreciate the help. I have this cable but thus far I'm unable to get sound. I may be the problem. I'll continue messing with it.