Honest critique?

You can sing, and you put a bit of feeling and grit into it too. That's great.
You're right, though, the recording doesn't do you any favours! :p

Do you have any recording gear, or are you planning to gather some up?

Please, though, for the love of god, don't do a cover of Hallelujah. Pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaase!

As it happens, I recorded a backing for 'Your Song' that someone was meant to vocal over and it never happened.
If you want it as wavs, give me a PM. :)


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Yes I have recording gear, I just recorded this while waiting in the car haha. I wanted to get opinions on my un-compressed/processed vocals. Thank you for your comments! Was hallelujah bad or is it just too iconic of a song? And yes I'd like to hear your instrumental :)
Ha, no; I didn't mean that. It's just covered to death.
Makes me think of X-factor. 300 guys who want to do Hallelujah and the rest are doing Nessun Dorma. :p

I attached an mp3 of your song. I still have the session in bits.
Obviously never did a proper mix, since vocals didn't happen.


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