Hittin’ The Road Again...


Cosmic Cowboy
Well, see, that’s the weird thing...I’m uploading from a mobile device. And on my device the images have the correct orientation natively. I upload, the thumbnail is goofy...click on the thumbnail and the image displays just fine. If I rotate and save the native image on my device so it looks *wrong* and upload the image, it’s still just as you see above. Not sure what to do except cease uploading images. I am rarely on a desktop or laptop computer...use the mobile device 95% or more of the time...and time is in short supply. I’d rather stop uploading pics than have to take the time to transfer to the laptop and upload from there...laptop is not always available, etc. etc. So if y’all don’t see anymore pics, that’s why. :eek:

Yes on the trafo...3rd winding is in the feedback loop. Pretty cool.

Yeah...I'm just downloading your images and rotating them 90 degrees clockwise.

How do you hold your mobile device when taking the pics...?
Does it let you rotate the device 90 degrees and still take the pic, yielding a different result...or does it always come out the same no matter how you hold it?
Bottom line...you need to rotate something 90 degrees clockwise...'cuz it hurts my neck when I do that! :p ;)


Reel deep thoughts...
Sometimes I hold the device in portrait orientation, sometimes landscape. Depends on the subject. Sometimes the resultant capture is correctly oriented, sometimes not. If not, I rotate it and save it on the device. Regardless of any of this, when I upload pics, there seems to be no correlation between pics with weird thumbnail orientations on the forum and pics on my device that were edited (rotated and saved) vs pics that are native (the resultant capture had the correct orientation). The results with the uploads seem random. This has been going on for over a year.

Miro, can’t you just save your neck and click on the thumbnail and view the pic in the correct orientation??