Hilarious VSTs, or... WTF? There's a plug for that?!


potential lunch winner
Here, I will compile a list of all the WTF plugs that I come across as I wander the net. The first installment is a 1U rackmount power conditioner plug and an Anechoic Room Simulator. About the power conditioner:

The FURMAN VST plugin faithfully reproduces the industry standard in power conditioning.

Allowing your tracks to truly come alive in every sense of the word, this plugin is an absolute necessity once it is placed in your effects chain. The A/B difference is undeniably astounding! For the home recordist who demands the ultimate in realism.

Link: Furman Power Conditioner VST

The site for the Anechoic Room Sim only says:
Incredible Room Simulation Plugin...
This plugin is so high fidelity you won?t believe your ears.

Here's the link: Smartelectronix' Anechoic Room Simulator