Hi ! Please comment on my compositions


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I'm an old guy so this type of techno pop electronic music is not my expertise. I did a quick listen, kind of jumped through the youtube link listening. I did catch some cool melodies in some of them. The drums seeming a little louder than they should be to me in some cases. There was a harshness in some of the synth leads that was uncomfortable to the ear. Not sure what your tracking with but a little reverb on the leads and pulling back on the treble might help on the harshness. Some of the stuff reminded of the old video game melodies....Some more background soundtrack, some almost disco. Aside from just making recordings which is just fine for personal satisfaction, what is your target audience for this genre?


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Thanks for the positive reply. Everyone has his own taste. My genre is anybody who likes great melodies, whether it be trance lovers or disco funk lovers. Not for a specific genre lovers. Anybody can just add my compositions on Spotify or any other streaming media. Who like Trance might add the trance tracks, who likes tracks with Jeudo influence shall add Tender Jerusalem and so on ... Great tip about the reverb and EQ. I will try it.