Hi!! i was wondering if could get some opinions and advice on my voice please?


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Hello! singing is one of my fave things to do and alot of people that hear me sing tell me that they love my voice but i would love to get better at singing! be honest i wont get offended! any help is awesome thanks!! there is the link below to my page if you feel like scrolling and listening i would greatly appreciate it!!

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I honestly cant tell if you have a lot of chorus applied or autotuned the track etc. Since this is a vocal thread forum, I will say that when you uncover the heavy processing to get to the raw vocals, its pretty pitchy so my only advice is get some training to learn control and breathing if you are at all serious about vocals as a career. if you post any more tracks for review, please post something that isnt heavily processed. This thread is not about how the mix sounds, its all about vocals and I think you have talent that may improve if you pursue some good training. That will help with pitch issues and allow you to control how to sing and or project properly. Good luck!


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hmmm... the lyrics and melody aren't bad. The mix isn't working though, and it starts with the arrangement. There's an awkward kick hit in there, and it throws the groove off. The vocals have an unpleasant whistling noise in them, probably from that flange effect on them. With that effect being so prominent, it loses whatever it gives. I'd tweak that sound to make it less harsh and then use it less often.

What you need is to engage with a producer in the hip hop genre. Someone to arrange your tunes and work with you on the vision of your song, and mix them as well. If you already are....well, then I'd find someone else. The backing music is subpar and all the mixes have issues. I listened to the first 3-4 track that auto played.

The acoustic song that just flipped on for me is a touch better. Vocal sounds better here. Processing is much less and has a clear intent. The tune could be longer as well...that song could use a better chorus...I'd develop that a bit.