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Quick introduction. A Duck Duck Go search result brought me to this site today. Looks like a good site with a lot of activity and varied knowledge/experience.

I’ve been primarily a weekend warrior musician all my life, with a few tours but mostly local gigs. I’m retired, so point me to the Seniors forum. Haha On a serious note, I spend a good deal of time practicing, studying, reading about, or listening to music. The last few days I’ve started listening to all of the Paul McCartney albums I’ve missed hearing over the years, along with watching some good interviews with him.

I currently play piano and acoustic guitar. My Fender Strat has been gathering dust as I’m deep diving into learning to play the piano. It’s my drug, my addiction now. I can’t get enough of playing the piano. When I was young I played the accordion. Like most guys my age, the Beatles rocketed my life into a new direction. I soon put the accordion down and picked up the guitar. A few years later I played french horn and baritone horn (the brass baritone not woodwind) in school band.

My father was also a musician. He told me stories about playing his accordion in the bomb shelters while the Luftwaffe was overhead blitzkrieg bombíng London and surrounding areas. He said he was getting the people singing to lift their spirits and make noise to hide the sound of the terror going on all around them; never knowing if or when one of those bombs would fall on them and take its toll on them. I’ve never forgotten all my parents WW II stories. I pray the world never forgets and repeats this history.
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Welcome Johne1!
Good ol' DuckDuckGo. That's how I got here.
I'm trying to get better on piano too. Sightreading Bach. Er.. it i s not easy.

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Welcome! I’d never heard of duck duck go but it seems to bring back different results compared to the others which is useful. Thanks for the tip


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Hi Johne, my suggestion is, get yourself set up to record, push record and ask. We have a great MP3 section where you can post your recordings and the gang will help you tweak it. That is about the only way to understand this world, and even then there will be lots frustrations.

Jump on in, water is fine. Play your songs before you're gone.