Here it is


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As you can see I have removed the picture. I will post a newer on as soon as I can.

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Er, you did read "that page", right?

You might want to make that picture a bit smaller, say 400 pixels wide, for those of us who don't have 27" monitors and a T1 connection...
Well, anyone who has their own iso booth at home can probably afford a connection fast enough for this's 600K, yikes! Fishmed, if you don't know how to resize pictures, email me the URL of your new one and I will do it for you no charge; you won't believe how small a picture file can get without losing any of the important stuff...
Hey Fish...
With that big-assed board, what do you with that Alesis 12R??? Just curious.
I use the Alesis 12R mainly for MIDI gear. I recently got rid of the BIG Hill board. I loved the sound it has, nice and warm. I was planning on getting a MOTU 1224 to go with my 2408, but MOTU was taking too long to shipper to the local dealer here. I had a big mixing session coming up and I had to do something. I really needed more tracks; eight was not enough to do this project. Needing the extra ADAT converters, I switched my board to two Korg 168RC Recording Consoles. I am able to all 24 channels from the MOTU 2408, and gained four stereo effect processors. I am in the process of automating those mixers from my PC via MIDI. I hate that I got rid of the Hill. Some growing pains, but I am adjusting to my new setup, and I am sure that I will be happy with the decision in the long run.
I am in phase two of remodeling my studio. I should have it done in a week or two. I hope to have new (and smaller) pictures shortly after. The Korg mixers are gone. I have a new board... One that I plan on keeping for a very long time.

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