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Hey Ed, I was telling a friend of mine (a fellow musician who's a cop) about your mobile recording unit, and he said that one of the local TV stations had a remote unit stolen from out back of their studio a few years ago.

They estimated the loss at $370k! When they found the van, everything was gone, including the telescoping aerial, so he figures they knew what they were going after. Have you ever had any fear of this happening?
Have considered the possibilities of theft of this thing, but, don't think that it is very probable.

I have in parked in a building on some property that always has someone here. Also, I spend a considerable amount of time here myself. Also, it would take some time to even start the thing because of how I have it disabled. Further, the lock on the doors, two doors, big ones, are quite good. Plus there is the security system in the building. Plus the fact that there is nothing terribly exciting in the rig anyway (although I would be devestated if I ever lost my ADA Multi-Effects processor I picked up for $100 4 years ago that sounds suspiciously close to a Lexicon PCM-41 for delays!!!) :) Well, okay, the Ghost console would be a great find for someone looking to liberate the thing from me, and the monitors, amp, and BRC could be valueable. But, I tend not to worry about theft here. Mostly, any clients that come out to the facility are very good friends who get better deals from me than the other studios in town. And the rest of the work is done on location, so they never know where this thing goes after they pay me. I suppose they could follow me back, but still, they would really have quite a hard time getting past the nosey neighbors, who all know that I am the only one that EVER takes the thing out. And it is quite an obvious rig. And the culprit would need to drive quite a ways to get it out of sight. The cops in my area are also aware of this rigs existence, so, they would be inclined to follow and see who is driving it when it is out.

So, aside from all that, there is always the insurance to cover the daring induvidual who could accomplish such a feat. Would probably come out pretty good with them..... :)....sooooo, anyone interested in helping me to a free upgrade of Echo Star Studio???? LOL, just kidding. I would be lost until I replaced everything. My girlfriend would see too much of me, and all hell would break loose on that front!!! So, I keep a pretty good eye on it. :)

Anyway, hope it never happens.

EEEDDDDD? ? ?? EEEDDDD ? anyone know what happened to him ? i havent seen a post from him in a while , and he gave good advice too !! < sigh > .. i hope he wasnt offended by my grammar correction of his web site !! hehe...

- eddie -
Me too. Hey - did you notice how Ed tends to have an expensive effect on folks? He's a paid in full member of the if-you-want-a-good-sound-you'd-best-have-the-best-and-most-expensive-gear school of thought. And if he couldn't convince you of that, he'd at least manage to up your surfing bill with those monster posts of his. :)
Cheapskate!!! :)

So I am back.

Really, there really is not a "have to have the most expensive and best equipment to get the best sound" "SCHOOL" of thought. That is the reality. As my old boss used to say, "Buy cheap, buy twice".

Anyway, glad you all missed me.

Of course a "good sound" is very subjective. But I guess that if I'm going to claim that mustache rock is a far inferior form of music...then you're entitled to your incorrect opinions :)

Good to see that you're still alive and whatnot!

Slackmaster 2000
Buy cheap, buy two times, or three, or however long it takes for you to realized that cheap gear will not get you that pro sound that your after. I will admit, the cheap gear of today sounds better than the cheap gear of yesterday. I went through that whole thing. With a limited budget, I started off buying cheap gear. Through the years of recording, I realized that my mixes did not sound as good as they could be. I have slowly improved my equipment and have come close to getting that "Pro Sound". I still do not have the "Top of the Line" gear, but I have gone through more gear than I care to admit. The more you record, the sooner you will out grow your gear and go for the next best thing. Hopefully someday you will be to the point were you are satisfied with your studio setup.

...yeah right!
Gee Echo Star looks really cool. I am just wondering what's the acoustics like inside ? Does Echo Star have a lot of echo ?
Actually no audible reverb or echo in the control room on wheels. I think the camping gear stowed over head takes care of that..... :)

ok im really first i ASSumed that echostar just hauled equipment around , and you unloaded at every project , set up shop and recorded... but you mean to tell me that you actually use echostar as a control room ? and record from sources outside ? how is this accomplished... really long xlr cable ,or what ? :D

- eddie - case your unaware , i was surfin your site and most of your links from your home page were dead and most graphics would not load... maybe one of you guys can check it out just to be sure that its not my crummy crapaq computer...

- eddie -

Yes I am aware that the website is messed up right now. I changed ISP's and need to figure out the new one's way of doing things, but really haven't had the time. Very soon Echo Star's website will be back to normal. And look out!!! I am having some new animation put on there. I am also thinking of having some sound (narration) while browsing around. Also, my downloads section is going to grow here really soon. My new ISP gives me 50MB of server space, so, many MP3's at 192kbs will be posted.

In addition, Echo Star is being retrofitted with all new wire in the rig. Most of it will be Magami (an industry standard for years, this is the LEAST you should have for studio wire.... :) )but I will have Monster cable in most of the really critical audio paths. The sound improvements will be worth the over $1500 investment I am making into it.

As far as how we record at remote locations. We have a 100 ft. 40 channel 3 split transformer isolated audio snake. Of course this can be extended if need be with an additional audio snake. The snake trunk (the main wire) is on multi-pin disconnect's so it is easier to haul around. As well, the head box is mounted on a dolly. Anyway, we can share mic's with a house soundman in the case of a live recording. With three splits, we can also send a mic lead to the monitor console....... :) This is the way the big boys do it, so it is the way I am doing it.

Hey Ed,
What's up? Don't you answer your emails anymore??? If you are having ISP problems then it might not be your fault... Get in touch and send me your email address. I have a few new songs since you left.


P.S. Dont make me strike down upon you with great wrath and furious anger...