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Hi, Im starting to use a U-PHORIA UM2 w/ BM800 in REAPER and I having some problems.
The first one is about the direct monitor. When I turn the direct monitor of UM2 on, it gives me perfect sound from my microphone, without lagging. When I'm recording in REAPER, I got two returns from the mic, one directly from UM2 and another from the program. I can notice it because the return from REAPER is a little bit late. Just a littlebit, way less than a sec, but I can hear it. This lag in return reflected in the recording, because the voice is also late comparing to the beat (just a little bit, but noticeable) when I hear them both.
I would like you to help me to solve this problem, please.
Another thing that is anoying me is that everytime I record a track, a "Select files to save or delet" opens. Can I stop receiving this message?

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For you first problem, turn off software monitoring in Reaper. Click on the little loudspeaker icon next to the arm record button untill it says 'record monitoring off'

For your second problem, go to option/preferences/recording and uncheck the box where it says 'prompt to save/delete/rename new files'.


Your recorded track should not be out of synch, Reaper automatically adjusts for any latency. In the Preferences menu, go to Audio to Recording, and the last option on that menu is 'use audio driver reported latency' - this should be checked. You can also manually adjust the offset there.
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If the audio driver latency detection doesn't work, you can use a loopback test to measure the latency and verify the correction. Create a track with some audio (say, gently tapping the mic with your fingernail), connect one of the outputs to one of the inputs and record that output back to a new track. Zoom in and measure the offset using timeline selection. Enter the value in the manual offset field and record another track to verify. Repeat until the tracks line up.

[Edit] I should clarify. If you have to repeat the process, adjust the correction value by the new measured offset. Don't just put the new measured offset in as the new value. It takes a little tinkering, but once you get the hang of it, you can get it to within one sample. For maximum precision, use audio with sharp transients.
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Direct Monitor and Monitoring from Reaper will always be off... that's the entire point of having a "Direct Monitor". The tracks in Reaper should not be out of sync with each other though. Also make sure you're using the ASIO drivers for your UMC and not some Windows Audio driver as that will always make latency worse.