HELP! Protools 8 & LiquidMix 16


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I am having a problem getting a Focusrite LiquidMix 16 to work with Protools 8 (LE) and I'm hopeful someone can help. I searched around but haven't really found anything.

I've been running the liquid mix with samplitude with no problem so I know it works. I recently purchased Protools 8 and I can't get the Liquid Mix to work.

BTW - I am running this on a windows 7 box.

I can get the LiquidMix to show up in Protools under the "Wrapped Plugins" and the interface will even load but I can not get the Liquid Mix to load any emulations and/or snapshots???? All I get is get the following message:
Emulations not found.
Please make sure that the emulations are installed in:

Well the emulations are all there but for whatever reason the plugin can't see/find them?????

Any Ideas.